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My Digital Humanities Fellowship, The Continuation….

Eunice Esomonu/ August 1, 2016

    5CollDH Undergraduate Fellow and Mount Holyoke College student Eunice Esomonu’s project consists of four public art installations that use elements of hip hop culture to gain perspective on interactive multimedia production. This is her third post of three. You can click through to read the first and second installments, or read an interview with Eunice by Jeffrey Moro.…

An Imagined Product Launch for a Very-Not-Imaginary Product

Wouter Schievink/ February 24, 2015

  Where does the device stop and you begin? What’s it like to live as a machine? These are familiar questions to science fiction literature, but take on shocking new stakes in 2014-15 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Wouter Schievink’s project. Through a series of public art installations exploring robotics, organic material, and interactivity, his project interrogates our physical relationships with ephemeral technologies. In his…

Meet the Tumblr API + Markup!

Mariel Nyröp/ July 15, 2014

This quick sandbox post is primarily for people who:   – are familiar with using Tumblr as a casual blogging platform, – have some basic sense of HTML, and – want to combine these skill sets to make a custom process blog for DH project(s). What is the Tumblr API?   An Application Programming Interface (API) is a just an…