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(inter)face of Creation|Curation in the realm of Digital

sheila/ June 18, 2017/ 0 comments

Technology doesn’t always operate on the innovations our perspective. Sometimes, our inspiration to innovate comes after we look at old life through new frames| new apparatus |new tools. For instance a pencil may have been a tool created for drawing, but it is now also a thing to hold ponytails, to untie knots, to loosen braids, a weapon of self…

“Traveling Shot Over 26000 Miles”

Lucas C. Ospina/ May 3, 2016

“Traveling Shot Over 26000 Miles” is a multi-media research project that reframes the processes used to picture the world, including aerial photography, satellite imagery, maps and the analytical data tied to them. Incorporating three-channel video, hung images, (de)classified documents, and published reports, the project was installed in the Harold F. Johnson Library Gallery at Hampshire college from April 19-21, 2016.…

Mixing Tech and Hip-Hop with 5CollDH Fellow Eunice Esomonu

Jeffrey Moro/ March 31, 2016

Over the next few months, we’re running interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We continue our series with Eunice Esomonu, a senior at Mount Holyoke College.  What is your 5CollDH project about? My project seeks to search and convey the intersection of hip hop and technology through interactive installations inspired by the…

Parables for Proto-Space: An Introduction

Craig Campbell/ February 24, 2015

  The following is an update on Craig Campell’s 2014-2015 undergraduate fellowship project with the Five College Digital Humanities Initiative. His project is an ethical and aesthetic exploration into the architectures of cyberspace and poetics of virtuality. Through an interdisciplinary practice of research, rendering, and writing, the project engages how architects, artists, and designers can break from design conventions of digital…

PEER2PEER: Democracy, Deregulation, &Discontents

Mariel Nyröp/ February 11, 2015

Image: Zach Blas / Queer Technologies   For two weeks in January, I taught an undergraduate intensive course at Hampshire College on network culture and its discontents as part of my post-baccalaureate residency with 5CollDH. I had been planning the course for months—refining the topic, gathering material for the syllabus, and refining it even more. When I started my digging, I…

E.LIT/NET.ART, A J-Term Course in Pictures

Jeffrey Moro/ February 6, 2015/ 0 comments

Last month, I taught a week-long course on electronic literature and Internet art called (imaginatively, I know) E.LIT/NET.ART: An Extraordinarily Brief Survey of Digital Literature, 1975 – 2015. The course was a self-consciously brief introduction to major themes, forms, and genres of electronic literature: eight students and I trawled through hypertext, Flash animation, interactive fiction, and then some, paying attention…