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The Bits and Bricks and everything else in between.

Sri Wahyuni/ August 1, 2016

As an architecture student, I am interested in using digital technology to push the boundaries of urban design. I was able to attend the Bits and Bricks forum, hosted by the Senseable City Lab at MIT, with a 5CollDH microgrant. The forum aims to change the ways in which architecture and urban planning projects (the “Bricks”) can intersect with technological…

Points of Contact: Exploring the role of architecture in public social behavior at Amherst College

Sam Tang/ May 18, 2015

At Amherst College, social dynamics, especially in public spaces, are shaped in part by a phenomenon known as the “Amherst Awkward”. This is manifested in multiple ways: self-segregation in the dining hall, avoiding of eye contact when crossing paths outside, the lack of a sense of community, etc. I’ve personally been guilty of contributing to the Amherst Awkward at times and many of my peers…

Parables for Proto-Space: An Introduction

Craig Campbell/ February 24, 2015

  The following is an update on Craig Campell’s 2014-2015 undergraduate fellowship project with the Five College Digital Humanities Initiative. His project is an ethical and aesthetic exploration into the architectures of cyberspace and poetics of virtuality. Through an interdisciplinary practice of research, rendering, and writing, the project engages how architects, artists, and designers can break from design conventions of digital…