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Five College Undergraduate Digital Humanities Fellowship CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Evan Young/ September 20, 2018/ 0 comments

The Five College program in Blended Learning and Digital Humanities is pleased to announce that our Undergraduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities is accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year. Junior and senior undergraduate students (and exceptional sophomores) at any of the five colleges are invited to submit proposals for creative and/or scholarly projects that draw together the humanities and substantial work with digital resources and/or technologies.

“All of it is a code anyway”: Augmenting a Literary Web for Almanac of the Dead (Evan Young, 2018-2019 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)

Evan Young/ September 10, 2019/ 0 comments

By Evan Young, Amherst College It’s June 12, 2019. I’m writing this blog post from Boulder, Colorado, where I’m visiting family for just over a week. Soon I’ll be moving into my apartment in Amherst to start my Post-Baccalaureate position at Five College BL/DH. I’m excited to be staying on until June 2020; it will be wonderful to support the…

Les Clefs de Chez Moi: Queer Home and Home-Making in Modern Paris (Ray Van Huizen & Ella Martin-Gachot, 2018-2019 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellows)

Evan Young/ September 10, 2019/ 0 comments

By Ray Van Huizen and Ella Martin-Gachot, Smith College Ray: I learned a lot while working on the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship. I learned about new software, about website design, about geographic information systems (GIS). I learned about knowing when to ask for help and advice. But most of all, I learned about teamwork. I’ll start at the beginning, though.…

Bad Books: An Exploration of Censorship (Kendall Futrell, 2018-2019 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)

Evan Young/ September 10, 2019/ 0 comments

By Kendall Futrell, Smith College After a semester I have finally finished the project I started in January — Bad Books: An Exploration of Censorship! It is a digital exhibit, which you can check out here: (it’s a .org, I feel so cool). The project is meant to showcase censorship and the many different ways it can look. I knew when…

Happy Last Days of Summer from 5CollBL/DH!

Evan Young/ August 22, 2019/ 0 comments

Following our April symposium featuring spectacular presentations by the 2018-2019 cohort of Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellows, things calmed down here at 5CollBL/DH. Summer in the Five College Consortium has not been without its own pace, however. Our new Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, Evan Young (that’s me), began work at the start of July, and he along with 5CollBL/DH Director Eric…

Ideas Workshop

Evan Young/ October 11, 2018/ 0 comments

Working on your ideas for the Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship? Join us at our Ideas Workshop to discuss your vision and questions with other students and the 5collDH team. The Workshop will be in 546 Herter Hall at UMass at 5pm on October 30th.  To get you inspired, here are a few of our past projects: Uncovering a New England…

Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Using VR to Understand and Explore Metaphysics

vadala/ June 26, 2018/ 0 comments

This year’s Five College Postdoctoral scholar of Digital Humanities and Blended Learning, Jeffrey Vadala challenged his Hampshire College class to produce virtual reality representations of ancient beliefs systems for the class Anthropologically Critiquing Reality. Influenced by the “Ontological Turn,” this class explores how ontological and metaphysical systems shape societies around the world. For a semester-long project, Hampshire college students learned to…

Memetic Engines of Anticapitalism (2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)

vadala/ June 13, 2018/ 0 comments

By T.X. Watson When I was interviewed for the Valley Advocate podcast, Gina Beavers asked me what my most comfortable medium was as an artist. Since I was on camera, I couldn’t just shrug and say “iunno,” so I put a little effort into coming up with an answer. I wound up citing George Orwell’s essay “Why I Write,” which…

Cycles of Reconciliation by Lehua Matumoto (2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)

vadala/ May 28, 2018/ 0 comments

Amherst College’s Lehua Matsumoto built an interactive virtual reality environment that introduces students and interested users to the natural world surrounding Amherst College and the Western Massachusetts area. Noting a general lack of understanding local native American history, knowledge, and epistemology, Lehua’s project is designed to help people explore and create awareness of local indigenous ecological knowledge. This virtual reality experience…

Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP? (2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)

vadala/ May 23, 2018/ 0 comments

2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellow Key Estime is producing a hybrid project that articulates a digital video ethnography with a hypermedia web experience. Called “RYSE-UP,” this work explores the needs of youth in the RYSE Program; which stands for Railroad Street Youth Student Empowerment Program. Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP? By Key Estime In the 21st century, the youth of…