Based in Western Massachusetts, Five Colleges, Inc. is a non-profit consortium created in 1965 to advance the extensive educational and cultural objects of its member institutions: AmherstHampshireMount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Five College Deans launched Five College Digital Humanities and Blended Learning to support and encourage scholarship that engages with the intersections of the arts, humanities, and digital technologies. Our Blended Learning and Digital Humanities programs have been separate in the past, but now we have joined together under one large umbrella.

Faculty and Staff

We provide support and training for faculty and staff across research and classroom instruction. Through our faculty and staff programs, we develop broader awareness of the practice and potential of digital technology to enrich new and existing forms of scholarship and teaching.


We aim to inspire students working in the digital humanities, whether they are learning in the classroom, assisting faculty and staff on major projects, or pursuing their own ideas in independent work. We consider independent student work a cornerstone of our program, and to this end support and fund students in a variety of ways, including an undergraduate fellowship, microgrants, and a variety of short courses and workshops taught throughout the year.


We cultivate interest in the digital humanities and blended learning throughout and beyond the Five College community. Through our projects, events, and especially our Speaker Series, we bring practitioners and novices together to learn from each other about this growing field. Moreover, through out website, we develop resources and toolkits for BL/DH practitioners across the globe.